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Friday, March 28, 2008

MRR/ADM ...featuring Malcolm Catto

I had the fortune to be made aware of this 10" record by the artists MRR/ADM (Mike Raymond Russel & Adam Douglas Manella) a production duo out of Southern California, formerly known as MHE of Sound in Color records. The record features drummer Malcolm Catto, of The Heliocentrics fame, on the b-side.

The sound of the record, to put it in one word, is raw. Center focus is placed on the rhythmic underpinnings of the drums, supplemented by deep bass and sparse 'melodic' leads provided by heavily processed guitars and synthesizers. The music is very dark, experimental and introspective and is therefore exactly to my liking. The original text of the description furnished with the 10" likened it to a modern library record. If that is the case be prepared for some dark private mind-films to play along when listening to this album.

The track listing consists of tracks:
Side A:
Side B:
Malcolm's Drums

The reasoning for starting the tracks at 009 has to do with their prior recorded output as MHE (which I believe, in name, is now defunct -- due to improper use of their name). Those releases to my knowledge are scattered across Sound in color compilations and some out of print releases. As for why they have chosen numbers as opposed to words and phrases for song titles reflects either MRR/ADM's deficiency in naming obtuse sound-scapes or their want of limiting the release to utter obscurity, leaving it devoid of a title and track names, I prefer the latter explanation.

Consider yourself in the know...
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Well this is my first post and I hope to use this blog to expose my friends, family & strangers to the world as I know it, be it through music, video, text or otherwise...

So first off for those that don't already know I recently got engaged to my beautiful future-wife Claudi. We're going to get married in August of '09.